Remembering Oluwale Anthology

The Remembering Oluwale anthology was an invitation to submit work celebrating the themes in David Oluwale’s life and death. Leading the process for selecting, editing and convening this book, I worked with the Remembering Oluwale charity and our panel of esteemed judges to select pieces to publish. We were far from the first group toContinue reading “Remembering Oluwale Anthology”

The Northern Short Story Festival

As director of the north’s only dedicated short story festival, I secured funding from the arts@leeds scheme to ensure this important festival’s security and sustainability. An agile, responsive and diverse festival, the NoSho is part of Leeds Big Bookend and aims to be accessible, affordable, and representative of its own community. We aim to hostContinue reading “The Northern Short Story Festival”


“Samhain had dreamed of a home like this. Abandoned, bay-fronted, a Georgian thing with double rooms and en-suites. The Boundary Hotel had faded sign facing the road. It promised tea-making facilities and a TV lounge. Samhain had been riding past it on his bike every day for months. He had wanted to check that itContinue reading “Guest”

Resist! Stories of Uprising

One of Waterstone’s “Best of 2019” books30 Books for Autumn in iNews “This new collection of fictions and essays, spanning two millennia of British protest, authors, historians and activists re-imagine twenty acts of defiance: campaigns to change unjust laws, protests against unlawful acts, uprisings successful and unsuccessful – from Boudica to Blair Peach, from theContinue reading “Resist! Stories of Uprising”

Arts Project Management

The Northern Short Story Festival Spearheading the north’s only dedicated Short Story Festival, I secured funding from the arts@leeds funding to ensure this important festival’s security and sustainability. From festival programming to writing and copy-editing marketing materials, to recruiting and motivating volunteers, I am heavily involved in every aspect of this accessible and affordable festival.Continue reading “Arts Project Management”