The Right to Culture & Creativity

Recent events have got me thinking a lot about ‘the right to culture’, and ‘the right to creativity’. Last year I took a PGCert in Teaching Creative Writing at Cambridge University, thanks to a bursary from First Story, and one of the things we talked about a lot was ‘What is creativity?’ and ‘Can creativity…

three lions on a shirt

In honour of the Lionesses historic win of the Women’s Euros, here’s an excerpt from my Work-in-Progress novel, A Patch Of Dirt. Set in Wakefield, the novel is my attempt at a small-town ‘state of the nation’ Brexit novel, taking place in a part of the UK that rarely gets documented. The context for this…

We Don’t Want To Work, And Why Should We?

Here’s what I hate: going to work every day. And I’m not alone, it seems. Apparently thousands of people have recently quit their jobs or left the workforce forever, in what is being termed the ‘great resignation’. We shouldn’t really be surprised by this. Work is rubbish. Nobody likes going to work, that’s why we…


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