Arts Project Management

The Northern Short Story Festival


Spearheading the north’s only dedicated Short Story Festival, I secured funding from the arts@leeds funding to ensure this important festival’s security and sustainability.

From festival programming to writing and copy-editing marketing materials, to recruiting and motivating volunteers, I am heavily involved in every aspect of this accessible and affordable festival.

“You are one of our favourite festivals – it’s so well organised and thought-out” (Publishing delegate comment)

“I really appreciate the chance to have workshops with professional writers at affordable prices local to me – thanks so much and keep doing what you’re doing!” (attendee comment)

Remembering Oluwale Anthology (2017)


“A great city of the north really owning and owning up to its diverse and difficult histories. Art and articulacy. This *is* the best of modern Britain, in the face of Brexit and all other meanness and stupidity”

“This is an important anthology about social exclusion and racism, which has important resonances with today’s society. David’s story is one that needs to keep being told, especially with the recent rise in racism and jingoism.”

Leading the process for selecting, editing and convening this anthology, I edited and provided for deadline the anthology “Remembering Oluwale”, published by Valley Press in memory of Leeds man David Oluwale.

Remembering Oluwale is available from Valley Press.

Find out more about the work of the Remember Oluwale charity here.

Published by SJ Bradley

Author, short story writer, and arts projects manager from Leeds, UK.

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