The Northern Short Story Festival

As director of the north’s only dedicated short story festival, I secured funding from the arts@leeds scheme to ensure this important festival’s security and sustainability.

An agile, responsive and diverse festival, the NoSho is part of Leeds Big Bookend and aims to be accessible, affordable, and representative of its own community. We aim to host a programme of the best short story writers, bringing the best of the country’s authors to West Yorkshire, and celebrating the talent we already have.

“I really appreciate the chance to have workshops with professional writers at affordable prices local to me – thanks so much and keep doing what you’re doing!” (attendee comment)

The festival’s year-round programme includes the “Academy scheme” development programme, hyperlocal writing residencies, the most recent of which was in Middleton Park, and site-specific celebrations of genre writing – such as our recent FrightFest one-day minifestival of Horror writing, taking place in Leeds’ oldest and most haunted library.

“You are one of our favourite festivals – it’s so well organised and thought-out” (Publishing delegate comment)

I was director of the Northern Short Story Festival from 2015-2020. You can read about the Festival’s achievements, and my reasons for stepping down, here.


Published by SJ Bradley

Author, short story writer, and arts projects manager from Leeds, UK.

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