Privatise Nadine Dorries

We believe that privatising the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary is the best and only way to enable her to compete with more successful rivals on the global stage. Join our campaign to privatise Nadine Dorries today.

Why privatise Nadine Dorries?

We believe Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Nadine Dorries is being held back from reaching her full potential. The current cost to the taxpayer of running Nadine Dorries is at least £84,144 a year, plus around £22,000 in expenses. That’s a total cost of £106,000 a year, with no discernible benefits to the public.

Were Nadine Dorries to be privatized, the UK could benefit from a modified, improved Nadine Dorries, with a greater freedom to respond to global challenges, and a greater ability to compete with more successful and likeable international politicians. We could generate public funds from the privatisation of Nadine Dorries, reinvesting that money in youth and arts programmes, all at no cost to the British public.

We want a brighter future that is more equal for everyone. Releasing equity from Nadine Dorries would allow Britain to invest in future Nadine Dorrieses. Imagine a levelling-up agenda where young people, from whatever background or heritage, no matter where they live in the country, can join an apprenticeship scheme where they can learn to be a crap writer who then goes onto become a crap politician, just like Nadine Dorries. A future where the British public can one day dream of writing a book which ends up on the shelves of a charity shop for months at a time, because even at 20p, nobody wants to buy it. A future where Nadine Dorries herself is liberated, and free to go on to become something her teachers told her she could never be: a sort of poundshop version of Jeffrey Archer.

This is the better dream we envision for the UK: a version where the potential realized by the privatisation of Nadine Dorries leads to a better and brighter future for us all.

Will you help us realize that dream?

I pledge £5 / £10 / £20 towards crowdfunding the privatisation of Nadine Dorries

Respond to the consultation about privatising Nadine Dorries here

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